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Lacrosse Equipment

Welcome to PRS ProPocket

Professional Grade Lacrosse Pocket Forming Devices

Meet The ProPocket

The Original Lacrosse Pocket Forming Device.

ProPocket quickly creates and maintains the ideal legal pocket in any mesh or strung attack, midfield, or defensive lacrosse player's head.  Additionally, the ProPocket allows lacrosse players of any level to break-in and maintain a low, medium, or high pocket depending on their handling preferences.  The super-resilient single-piece design is easily installed and stays in place anytime the stick is not in use.  Just install the ProPocket by following our instructional guide and allow the desired pocket to be formed. You can use the stick at any time; just replace the ProPocket after use until you have the pocket you want. Save your ProPocket for future use in fine-tuning your stick.  The next time you pick up your lacrosse stick, you will have a well-formed legal pocket that will improve all forms of ball handling.

Why ProPocket?

  • Quickly creates a newly strung lacrosse stick head with a deep legal pocket

  • Available for both men's and women's lacrosse sticks!

  • One size fits all, from a low pocket in an attackman's head to a high pocket in a defenseman's cross

  • 100% super tough injection molded Nylon

  • Fits any mesh or traditional strung lacrosse head 

  • Easy installation and removal; does not dislodge

  • Creates handy lacrosse ball storage

  • Heavy-Duty, Heat-Resistant Build 

  • Will not deform in car or enclosed space in hot environments