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Lacrosse Equipment

Welcome to PRS ProPocket

Professional Grade Lacrosse Pocket Forming Devices

Meet The ProPocket

The Original Men's and Women's Elite Level Pocket Forming and Head Stringing Tools

ProPocket quickly creates and maintains the ideal legal pocket in any
mesh or strung attack, midfield, or defensive lacrosse player's head. The unique innovative design will make an immediate impact on your game.

But why develop the ProPocket?
After years of coaching youth lacrosse and truly striving to help athletes play their best lacrosse ASAP, we've found that the pocket is the key!

Without a good pocket, athletes start at a loss. In fact, we've spent more time tuning pockets with athletes & parents than coaching! We've concluded that a functional pocket is the most important part of the stick.

The pocket improves all elements of ball control, including
− Scooping and Cradling
− Throwing and Catching
− Dodging and Shooting

Poor Pocket --> Poor Performance -->

Low Enjoyment --> Limited Growth

Quick Facts

  • Develops a custom legal pocket

  • Designed to fit full-sized Men’s and Women’s heads and accommodate a high, medium or low pocket preference

  • Quickly improves player performance with new equipment

  • Fits securely to enable indoor cradling & dodging practice

  • Helps newer athletes succeed without costly customized stringing

  • Used by professional stringers while forming and setting the final pocket

  • Evaluated and approved by PLL and DI athletes

  • An engineered device designed for performance and durability (Single piece Nylon molded item)

  • Proudly manufactured in the Northeastern USA

  • Currently sold internationally


No More Shallow or Sloppy Illegal Pockets

Men's Lacrosse ProPocket

ProPocket for Men's Lacrosse Stick

Use our step-by-step guide to install a Propocket in your men's lacrosse stick


ProPocket for Women's Lacrosse Stick

Use our step-by-step guide to install a Propocket in your women's lacrosse stick

Our Partners

Buy your own ProPocket though our site, at a variety of east coast lacrosse events and tournaments, or support your favorite organization and customize your device by visiting our preferred partners:

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For orders larger than 3 pieces or any questions, please fill out this contact form and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible to complete your order.

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Proudly Made in The USA

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