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One White Men's ProPocket

Men's ProPocket

SKU: 364215376135191

1 piece order qty. – Position device easily and securely beneath the bottom sidewall.  This innovative device accommodates a range of positions for custom pocket locations. The Patent Pending design will form the deepest legal pocket in a prestrung head and is ideal for locating a ball in place for any pocket tuning or restringing.  Eliminate guesswork around pocket location and depth. It is the perfect tool for any gear bag.  Proudly made in the USA.


Product Info

  • Custom Engineered for Men’s heads & rules unique to Men’s Lacrosse

  • One Size Fits All from low pocket in attackman's head to a high pocket in a defenseman's cross

  • Fits securely with lacrosse ball to enable
    indoor cradling & dodging practice

  • Single piece, seriously robust pressure molded nylon

  • Designed for years of use and reinstallation

  • Evaluated and approved PLL  and DI athletes

  • Immediately improves performance and enjoyment in this challenging sport.