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Why Buy a ProPocket?




Form. Play. Dominate...with the Perfect Pocket.

After years of coaching youth lacrosse and a relentless pursuit of optimizing player performance, we've pinpointed the game-changer: the pocket. Without a solid pocket, athletes are at a disadvantage from the start.

We've devoted more time to fine-tuning pockets with athletes and parents than traditional coaching because we believe a functional pocket is the heart of the stick. It's not just a detail – it's the game-changer.

A poor pocket leads to poor performance, translating into lower enjoyment and limited growth on the field.


Instead, elevate your game with a functional pocket that enhances all aspects of ball control:\

🥍 Scooping & Cradling

🎯 Throwing & Catching

🏃 Dodging and Shooting


Don't settle for less. Upgrade your pocket, elevate your game, and experience lacrosse like never before. Your journey to peak performance starts with ProPocket!

Product Application & Benefits

  • Develops a custom legal pocket in any head

  • Helps newer athletes succeed without costly customized stringing

  • Quickly improves player performance with new equipment

  • Fits securely to enable indoor cradling & dodging practice

  • Used by professional stringers while forming and setting the final pocket

  • Evaluated and approved by PLL and DI athletes

  • An engineered device designed for performance and durability.  (Single piece Nylon molded item)

  • Proudly manufactured in the Northeastern USA

  • Currently sold internationally


Advantages and Features

Innovative Engineering

Crafted to 0.01" tolerances using material strength coefficients, joint fillets, and precise material thicknesses, this multipurpose device guarantees an impeccable fit and unrivaled durability.

Multipurpose Design

The ProPocket is your go-to for developing and maintaining a custom legal pocket in any men's or women's lacrosse head. Trusted by athletes from beginner to professional alike, it serves as the perfect template for stringing new heads.

Practice Indoors

Take your skills indoors with confidence. The ProPocket fits securely with a lacrosse ball, enabling efficient cradling and dodging practice in any indoor setting.

High-Strength Materials

Constructed from high-strength, heavy-duty Nylon, the ProPocket ensures versatility in placement and longevity. It's a tool designed to withstand the demands of the game.

Secure Fit

Our tool not only guides you through the process but ensures a secure fit. The lacrosse ball is held in place as a guide, allowing the mesh to be precisely formed to meet the owner's unique needs.


Be Ready for Anything

Pro tip: Install the ProPocket any time the stick not in use.  That way, your pocket will be consistently ready every time you use your stick. Plus, you'll know where your ball is at all times!

Consider the Benefits

💡 Cost-Effective Excellence: Compare the minimal investment in a ProPocket to the immense benefits of having a deep, legal pocket exactly where you want it, every single time. It's the perfect solution for athletes seeking top-notch performance without the expense of a premium custom pocket.

🌟 Ideal for Every Player: This is not just a tool for experienced players. It's an invaluable resource for athletes and parents unfamiliar with forming or tuning a Men's or Women's pocket. For a fraction of the cost of an entire lacrosse equipment set, you can give your player the edge they need.

🚀 Unlock Better Performance: Invest in the ProPocket, and you're investing in better performance, more enjoyment, and the overall growth of the athlete in this incredible sport. Elevate your game effortlessly with ProPocket – the game-changer for players of all levels.


Ditch the old way with ProPocket today!

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