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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ProPocket?

Pro pocket is the only Professional Grade Lacrosse Pocket Forming Device on the market! ProPocket quickly creates and maintains the ideal legal pocket, allowing players of any level to break-in and maintain a low, medium, or high pocket.  The resilient single-piece design is easily installed and stays in place. 

Can ProPocket be used for women’s lacrosse as well?

Yes! We have a special design made specifically to fit a women’s lacrosse stick. 

How do I know if my lacrosse pocket is legal?

Determine if your lacrosse pocket is legal by checking the pocket of the lacrosse stick, which should be no deeper than four inches from the top of the sidewall to the bottom of the pocket, and the pocket should be strung such that the ball is securely held. Additionally, the pocket should not be overly stiff or loose. 

Can I reuse my ProPocket?

Yes - ProPocket devices hold their shape and can be reused whenever you want to improve your lacrosse stick’s pocket.

The Perfect Legal Pocket

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