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The Legal Pocket: The Must-Have for Every Varsity College Lacrosse Player

The Legal Pocket: The Must-Have for Every Varsity College Lacrosse Player

Lacrosse, a sport that originated in North America and has been around for centuries, is known for its fast-paced action, skill, and athleticism. It is a game that requires discipline, hard work, and dedication. One of the most crucial aspects of the game is the equipment, and the pocket in your stick is among the most important of them all. A legal pocket is not only an important factor in helping you deliver successful shots, but it is also necessary to avoid penalties during the game. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of having a legal pocket in your lacrosse stick as a varsity college player.

5 Things to Know about a Legal Pocket

1. Legal Pocket Definition

Before we dive into the importance of having a legal pocket, it is essential to know what it means. A legal pocket is a requirement set forth by the NCAA, US Lacrosse, and other lacrosse governing bodies, dictating the specific style of pocket a lacrosse stick can have. The standard pocket must have two anchoring strings that prevent the ball from falling out, but still allow it to be released quickly and accurately.

2. Importance of a Legal Pocket

Having a legal pocket is essential to avoid penalties and violations. A player who is caught with an illegal pocket is not allowed to play until they correct the issue. In some cases, a team can be penalized, which can ultimately affect the outcome of the game. With that being said, a legal pocket helps ensure that the game is fair for everyone involved.

3. Improved Shooting Accuracy and Ball Control

In addition to staying within the rules, having a legal pocket has benefits for your game on the field. A legal pocket allows you to have better control of the ball when receiving passes. Simultaneously, a deep pocket can help you release the ball with more momentum, thereby improving your shot accuracy. Accurate shooting is a crucial part of the game because it often leads to successful goals and victories for your team.

4. Team Success

A legal pocket is not just important for your personal success, but it also impacts the success of your team. Each team member must follow the same rules and regulations. If one team member has an illegal pocket, it can result in penalties that affect the entire team's performance. By following the rules and having a legal pocket, you help ensure that everyone is equal on the field, and your team is playing on a level playing field.

5. Responsibility as a Varsity College Player

As a varsity college lacrosse player, you represent not just yourself but also your team and the institution you belong to. You have a significant responsibility to play the game with integrity, and that begins with having a legal pocket. By following the rules and playing fairly, you set an example for other players and promote the sport's growth and development.


In conclusion, having a legal pocket in your lacrosse stick as a varsity college player is essential for various reasons. It ensures that the game is played fairly and that every team member has an equal chance of success. It also improves your accuracy as a shooter and provides better ball control when receiving passes. Playing the game with integrity and responsibility is every player's priority and having a legal pocket is just one step towards achieving that goal. By following the rules and regulations, you can set an example for your team and contribute to the sport's growth and progress.

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